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Cheaper Prices Reduce Indirect Visits to Pirate Sites, Research Finds * TorrentFreak

coins pigMost people know all too well that downloading and sharing pirated content is against the law. Nonetheless, millions do so daily.

There’s no denying that piracy affects legal sales to some degree. That said, piracy is a complicated phenomenon and the reported effects are not always straightforward.

Instead of trying to quantify the prospected losses in yet another study, researchers from Georgia Tech, Chapman University, and Carnegie Mellon University, posed a different question.

Do price reductions for legal content have an effect on piracy?

Price and Piracy

Various surveys have indicated that many people cite high costs as a prime reason to pirate, so it’s any area worth researching. Doing so elegantly is not easy, however, as researchers can’t simply ask sellers to change their pricing. Luckily, a natural experiment with help from updated EU tax regulations provided an opportunity.

price piracy research

In 2018, the European Union passed a directive that allowed member states to reduce the…

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