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CJEU Gives File-Sharer Surveillance & Data Retention a Green Light * TorrentFreak

SpyAs part of anti-piracy scheme featuring warning letters, fines, and ISP disconnections, France has monitored and stored data on millions of internet users since 2010.

Digital rights groups insist that as a general surveillance and data retention scheme, the ‘Hadopi’ program violates fundamental rights.

Any program that monitors citizens’ internet activities, retains huge amounts of data, and then links identities to IP addresses, must comply with EU rules. Activists said that under EU law, only “serious crime” qualifies and since petty file-sharing fails to make the grade, the whole program represents a mass violation of EU citizens’ fundamental rights.

Surveillance and Serious Crime

Seeking confirmation at the highest level, La Quadrature du Net, Federation of Associative Internet Service Providers, French Data Network, and, began their challenge in France. The Council of State referred the matter to the Constitutional Council, which in turn referred…

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