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Cloudflare Applauds Court for Rejecting DNS Piracy Blocking Order * TorrentFreak

cloudflare logocloudflare logoCopyright holders have made serious work of website blocking in recent years, expanding the practice to over forty countries worldwide.

In Germany, for example, the largest Internet providers agreed to voluntarily block pirate sites as part of a deal they struck with rightsholders.

These blockades, which are put in place following a thorough vetting process, are generally implemented at DNS level. This is a relatively easy option, as all ISPs have their own DNS resolvers.

The downside of this simple measure is that it’s easy to bypass. Instead of using the ISPs’ DNS resolvers, subscribers can switch to public alternatives offered by Cloudflare, Google, OpenDNS, or Quad9. This relatively simple change usually renders blocking efforts useless.

Pirate Site DNS Blocking

Copyright holders are aware of this weakness. In an attempt to broaden the impact of their anti-piracy efforts, they sued Quad9, which was required to implement a global pirate site blockade. Meanwhile, Cloudflare…

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