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Cloudflare is Liable for Pirate Site, But Not as a DNS Provider * TorrentFreak

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The Cologne Higher Regional Court in Germany has confirmed that Cloudflare’s CDN must stop facilitating access to the (defunct) pirate music site DDL-Music. Failing to do so makes the company liable. The company doesn’t have to take any measures on its public DNS resolver, however, since the Court ruled that the service operates in a purely passive, automatic and neutral manner.

cloudflare logocloudflare logoPopular Internet infrastructure service Cloudflare has come under a lot of pressure from copyright holders in recent years.

The company offers its services to millions of customers including multinationals, governments, but also some of the world’s leading pirate sites.

Cloudflare Must Stop Pirate Site

Pirate sites have proven to be quite a headache for Cloudflare and have landed the San Francisco-based tech company in court on several occasions. This includes a case in Germany, where the local branch of Universal Music sued Cloudflare for offering its services to pirate site…

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