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Comcast Must Identify Accused BitTorrent Pirate * TorrentFreak

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Hundreds of thousands of pirating BitTorrent users have been sued over the years. This practice continues to keep courts busy in the U.S., mostly thanks to Strike 3 Holdings. Today, we look at a recent attempt by an accused Comcast subscriber to stop a lawsuit in its tracks. This effort failed with the Colorado court noting that the plaintiffs are not copyright trolls.

pirate flagsStrike 3 Holdings has been a familiar name in U.S. federal courts for a while now.

Last year, the adult entertainment company filed a record-breaking number of lawsuits against alleged BitTorrent pirates.

The company is keeping up this pace in 2023, averaging dozens of lawsuits per week. Most of these are never mentioned in the press and a large number are settled behind closed doors.

Every now and then, an accused Internet subscriber objects, but these cases rarely go to trial. According to some, the lawsuits’ main objective is to collect settlement payments and…

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