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ContentCore Aims to Be a ‘Content ID’ Equivalent for Independent Video Platforms * TorrentFreak

webkyte logoTwo billion copyright claims are processed every year through YouTube’s Content ID platform – a staggering figure that underscores the scale of this content management system.

As an enforcement tool, Content ID has often been criticized by creators but rightsholders, at least those who have access to it, are generally happy with its performance.

Aside from addressing copyright infringements in an automated fashion, the Content ID system brings in billions of dollars in revenue. Many rightsholders choose to monetize copyright-infringing videos instead of taking them down, which can be quite lucrative.

This approach was initially controversial but not anymore. In a way, one can argue that YouTube engineered a way to monetize copyright infringement. YouTube itself also benefits from this strategy. After all, a video that’s taken down doesn’t bring in any revenue at all.

Despite the benefits for large rightsholders and YouTube itself, Content ID is unique in its kind. Most…

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