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Controversial Pirate IPTV Supplier Investigated After Bell Complaint * TorrentFreak

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Following reports of a complaint by Bell and other media companies, several searches were carried out in Canada this week as part of a TV piracy and money laundering investigation. Known locally as the Quebec Hugh Hefner, the alleged owner of a targeted IPTV service was previously sentenced in the U.S. after the DEA swapped 10kgs of cocaine found in a computer, with another white powder worth considerably less.

arubox tvRising interest in pirate IPTV services over the past several years has led to a limited number of people meeting demand while making considerable sums of money.

Technical ability, insider knowledge, and a keen eye for business all help to maximize pirate IPTV suppliers’ profits, but there can be considerable drawbacks too. The problem isn’t making big money, it’s managing to hold onto it when law enforcement agencies take an interest.

Pirate IPTV / Money Laundering Investigation

Published this week, a report from…

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