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A former city councillor who used footage from a news report, presented in a foreign language and edited in subtitles with entirely different messaging, has lost his case in Finland. Junes Lokka’s defense centered on his right to freely use copyrighted content for parody. Finding Lokka guilty of criminal copyright infringement for distributing the modified video on Twitter, the court found that derogatory racist content enjoys no fair use-style freedom.

law-hammerlaw-hammerCampbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. is one of the most interesting cases in history to rely on a fair use defense, arguing that the alleged infringement qualifies as a parody.

Acuff-Rose sued members of hip hop group 2 Live Crew, claiming that their track “Pretty Woman” infringed the label’s copyright in the Roy Orbison song, “Oh, Pretty Woman.” 2 Live Crew had previously sought to license the track from Acuff-Rose to be used as a parody; Acuff-Rose refused and 2 Live Crew used it anyway.


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