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Copyright Trolls Invade Canada Again, Pirates Surprised Despite 6,000 Days’ Notice * TorrentFreak

copyright trollOn an ordinary weekend roughly 6,000 days ago, news that so-called ‘copyright trolls’ had arrived in Britain came as a big surprise to the country’s file-sharers.

Aside from the well-publicized RIAA lawsuit campaign in the United States, in 2007 ‘trolling-as-a-business-model’ was considered a mostly German problem by the minority who’d even heard about it.

Despite thousands of international headlines over the next several years, the same ‘surprises’ replicated themselves across the EU, Australia, the United States, Brazil, and anywhere else where courts were prepared to accommodate actions against thousands of ISP subscribers.

Not Even Canadians Can Escape

Despite efforts to render internet subscribers less accessible and in theory, less lucrative targets, Canadians haven’t escaped the global industrial-scale settlement machine. Reports over the last few days suggest that things may be getting worse.

An RCI article published Friday mentions a lawsuit that…

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