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Could Piracy Help Netflix Win the Streaming Wars? * TorrentFreak

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Online video streaming services face fierce competition from online piracy. The same platforms are engaged in an online battle for subscribers with legitimate competitors. In the U.S. and many other countries, Netflix has a commanding lead in these streaming wars. Intriguingly, piracy may be an unintentional ‘secret weapon’ for Netflix.

netflix logonetflix logoTwo weeks ago we published our overview of the most pirated TV-shows of 2023, with HBO’s “The Last of Us” emerging as the clear winner.

The annual list featured series from all popular video subscription services, except one. In line with previous years, Netflix titles were notable for their absence.

This could lead to the conclusion that pirates simply think that Netflix content isn’t worth watching. Possible, perhaps, but when paired with comments made by Netflix’s top executives over a decade ago, another explanation is much more intriguing.

Pirates Have Subscriptions

In absolute terms, the U.S….

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