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Court Denies Grande’s Challenge of $47 Million Music Piracy Verdict * TorrentFreak

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Internet provider Grande Communications’ challenge of a $47 million music piracy verdict has failed to achieve the desired result. A federal court in Texas denied Grande’s request for judgment as a matter of law or a new trial. This means the company will now take its dispute with the major music labels to the Court of Appeals.

grande astoundLast fall, a Texas federal jury found Grande Communications liable for willful contributory copyright infringement and ordered the ISP to pay $47 million in damages to a group of record labels.

District Court Judge David Ezra confirmed the judgment in January. This was a clear mistake, according to Grande, which hoped to have it overturned.

ISP Wants a Do-Over

In March, the Internet provider filed a renewed motion for judgment as a matter of law. Put simply, Grande wanted the Judge to overrule the jury. This is warranted if the evidence clearly weighs in favor of the requesting party but when a jury finds…

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