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Court Hears Landmark DNS Piracy Blocking Case * TorrentFreak

quad9In 2021, Sony Music obtained an injunction that ordered DNS resolver Quad9 to block a popular pirate site.

The injunction, issued by the District Court of Hamburg, required the Swiss DNS resolver to block access to a site that links to pirated music.

The name of the targeted site wasn’t revealed, but we deduced that was the target. That site was also targeted in a voluntary blocking agreement previously signed by rightsholders and ISPs.

Quad9 Appeals, Sony Files Main Proceeding

The Quad9 Foundation fiercely opposed the injunction. The DNS resolver submitted an appeal to the Court hoping to overturn the blocking order, arguing that the decision sets a dangerous precedent.

The non-profit foundation stressed that copyrights should be respected online, but believes that enforcing blocking measures through third-party intermediaries goes a step too far.

The initial objection failed when the Regional Court in Hamburg upheld the blocking injunction. However, that was just a…

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