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Court Orders File-Sharing Service to Pay $46,000 Piracy Damages For User Upload * TorrentFreak

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A Prague court has ordered Czech file-sharing and hosting site Ulož.to to pay $46,000 in damages to local movie distributor CineMart. The file-sharing platform stood accused of unjust enrichment after one of its users uploaded a pirated film without permission. Uloz’s parent company describes the judgment as absurd and says it will appeal the decision.

uloz logoTo the global audience Ulož.to may not be well-known internationally but in the Czech Republic, it is huge.

The file-sharing and hosting service has millions of users and is listed as the 51st most-visited website in the country. In addition, its mobile apps are frequently used as well.

Like many other file storage platforms, Ulož can be used to share a wide variety of files. Copyright holders complain that many people abuse the platform to share pirated music, movies, and TV shows.

Piracy Battles in Court

Like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, Uloz removes infringing content when it…

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