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Court Orders ISPs to Block “Spider-Man” Piracy… Before it Happens * TorrentFreak

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The New Delhi High Court has handed down a broad blocking order that aims to stop piracy before it happens. Following an application by Sony Pictures, more than 100 pirate sites will be preemptively blocked by Indian ISPs to prevent ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ piracy. The blocking order also applies to domain names that have yet to be registered.

spider man acrossIn recent years, website blocking has become one of the most widely-used anti-piracy enforcement mechanisms in the world.

ISPs in several dozen countries prevent subscribers from accessing a variety of ‘pirate’ sites, often in response to a court order.

These orders often started as basic injunctions, requiring providers to block one or more domain names. Today, many courts issue dynamic injunctions too, allowing rightsholders to add new domain names or IP-addresses, without returning to court.

Dynamic blocking orders are also common in India with courts noting that the flexible…

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