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Court Orders Telegram to Block Access to Piracy Channels With Millions of Members * TorrentFreak

TelegramWith over a quarter billion active users, Telegram is one on the most used messaging apps.

In addition to direct chats, the application also allows people to create channels through which they can broadcast messages to unlimited audiences. This feature is regularly abused by pirates.

These Telegram troubles were pointed out by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) just recently. The Hollywood group sees copyright infringement as one of Telegram’s growth drivers and it urged the US Trade Representative to put the service on the annual list of notorious piracy markets.

“One of its growth drivers is the presence of copyrighted content on the platform, core features that support the sharing and discoverability of unauthorized files, protect anonymity of uploaders, and make consumption easy and convenient supercharging the circulation of infringing content, whether deliberate or accidental,” MPA wrote.

The movie industry group notes that Telegram has made some improvements on…

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