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Court Orders Torrent Site Operators to Pay €489 Million in Piracy Damages * TorrentFreak

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Two people connected to T411, once France’s most-visited torrent site, have been handed prison sentences by a Criminal Court in Rennes. The pair, who were tracked down through PayPal records and IP-addresses, are also on the hook for 489 million euros in piracy damages. One of the defendants, a Ukrainian sysop living in Sweden, informs TorrentFreak that he will appeal the judgement.

t411During the summer of 2017, French law enforcement booked a massive success with the shutdown of T411, a popular semi-private torrent tracker with over five million registered members.

The site, which catered to a French-speaking audience, had been on the radar of rightsholders for some time. After avoiding the long arm of justice on several occasions, the curtain eventually fell.

Following news of the site’s downfall, it appeared that not all people working on the site were French. The main suspect was located in Canada and the system administrator was…

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