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Court Sentences Man for Selling Pirated Textbook PDFs * TorrentFreak

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Danish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance is reporting more success in its crackdown on textbook piracy. In a criminal proceeding, a 25-year-old man was found guilty of selling pirated textbook PDFs to 12 people. Ironically, the total fine appears to be lower than the cost of purchasing all of the books legally.

criminologyObtaining a proper education can give people a leg up in life, but this privilege does come at a price.

Studying can be a costly endeavor, requiring expensive textbooks that may only be in use for a single semester. To reduce costs, some students choose to share books or buy cheaper second-hand versions. Textbook piracy is also widespread and in many cases considered socially acceptable among students.

Last year, a Danish student survey found that nearly half of all students who use digital textbooks obtain copies through illegal means. Most students are well aware that selling and pirating books is against the law, but 68% still…

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