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“Crafty People Thwarted,” Says Serie A CEO * TorrentFreak

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A legal challenge against Italy’s incoming Piracy Shield IPTV blocking system is dismissed by a local court. An ISP association had voiced a range of concerns, from disproportionate costs for smaller providers to potential liability for overblocking. The CEO of football league Serie A, which is likely to benefit most from the system, welcomed the court’s decision. “The usual crafty people have been thwarted,” he said.

Piracyshield-logoPiracyshield-logoTo a background of seemingly unstoppable corporate and political momentum, challenging the introduction of Italy’s much-heralded pirate IPTV blocking system was always a long shot.

In April 2023, months before the legal foundations were finally set in stone, a trade group that represents the interests of small to medium-sized ISPs, sent a memorandum to the authorities detailing its concerns.

President of Assoprovider, Giovanni Zorzoni, said he feared the proposed blocking system would introduce a single susceptible…

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