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Cyber Threat Researcher Reveals What’s Inside The Latest Update * TorrentFreak

ApplinkedApplinked is one of the apps/services that stepped in to fill the gap after the popular Filelinked tool was taken down by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment.

The software, which already has hundreds of thousands of users, acts as an unofficial free marketplace for mainly piracy-focused apps, none of which are allowed on Google’s Play Store for exactly that reason. Of course, there are many who would prefer not to have Google curating every piece of software with a rod of iron but in some situations, that can prove advantageous.

Early October the developer of Applinked, Inside4Android, announced that as of the 21st of that month, he would no longer own the code to the tool.

Veterans of the file-sharing world will recognize that these types of announcements are usually linked to just a handful of basic events. For example, developers can get tired of the workload or can’t spare the necessary resources. Oftentimes they’re quietly dreading some kind of legal action….

You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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