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DAZN DMCA Notice Hits Pluto TV Playlist Linking to DAZN’s Own Streams * TorrentFreak

Pluto-TV-DAZN-s1Pluto-TV-DAZN-s1For people on a budget and even for those who are not, there’s a lot to like about free, ad-supported television; FAST for short.

Available via the internet on almost any device, streaming services like Pluto TV, Tubi, The Roku Channel, and Freevee, offer TV shows and surprisingly large movie libraries, delivered across hundreds of channels.

Completely free to use, with quality improving all the time, FAST services are growing in popularity thanks to almost no barriers to entry.

Caveats Create Niche Market

FAST’s main quid pro quo is the installation of an official app through which viewing takes place. Easy to find on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and elsewhere, these apps act as a viewing portal, video player, and electronic program guide (EPG), all rolled into one. They’re also adept at pumping user data, including viewing habits and associated behavior, back to providers to ensure that free ad-supported TV makes up for lost currency through a firehose of…

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