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Denmark’s Piracy Blocklist Adds YouTube Rippers & Expands to 239 Sites * TorrentFreak

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Denmark is one of the leading countries when it comes to pirate site blocking orders. The first blocking case started 17 years ago and since then, over 200 sites have been added to ISP blocklists. This week, nine new sites were added, and with targets such as, and there is a heavy focus on YouTube rippers.

denmark flagIn recent years, site blocking has emerged as a preferred anti-piracy solution in dozens of countries.

These blocking measures are not bulletproof but pose a hurdle for casual pirates, which can bring down overall piracy rates.

In many countries blocking is a relatively new measure, but Denmark has years of experience. The first Danish blocks date back to 2006, when music industry group IFPI filed a complaint targeting the unlicensed Russian MP3 site AllofMP3.

Not much later, Denmark became the first European country to force an ISP to block access to The Pirate Bay. Since then, many other pirate…

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