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Denuvo Owner Shuts Down Clone Sites, Perpertrators Seem Up For a Chase * TorrentFreak

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The company behind notorious anti-tamper technology Denuvo, filed an interesting DMCA takedown notice at GitHub this week. According to Irdeto, unnamed parties cloned the company’s website, registered a similar domain, and ran their own mail server behind the scenes. A short investigation by TF suggests that the culprits may have known Irdeto would attempt to track them down and may have left Easter eggs along the way.

denuvo-newMirror and clone sites were once deployed to keep popular sites alive as they imploded under the weight of their own popularity and ensuing traffic.

The strategy was famously deployed around Suprnova, one of the original torrent giants. Given how often the whole site went down, unable to cope with unprecedented success, in hindsight it was given an unintentionally appropriate name.

Today, some clone and mirror sites still exist for the same purpose but most fall off the end of a streaming site conveyor belt, to trade on the…

You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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