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After building a reputation as the galaxy’s most resilient torrent site, The Pirate Bay is now the most blocked torrent site on the internet. More than a decade ago an explosion of Pirate Bay proxy sites helped to break through the blockades, but how are they doing today? As rightsholders commit to the long haul, is the hydra still fighting fit in 2023?

13hydraArgentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium and Brazil; just two letters of the alphabet and that’s already five countries that have implemented ISP blocking against The Pirate Bay.

The growing list, which continues with Denmark and persists through Finland, France and Germany, doesn’t stop until it reaches the United Arab Emirates and finally, the UK.

That’s around 30 countries overall, give or take, that have resorted to ISP blocking because no matter what’s thrown at it, The Pirate Bay simply refuses to die.

At least in part, the site is still alive after more than a decade of widespread blocking due…

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