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‘Digital TV’ Raided By Cybercrime Unit Following DirecTV IPTV Piracy Complaint * TorrentFreak

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A complaint filed by DirecTV in Argentina has led to raids on the alleged operators of Digital TV, a pirate IPTV platform servicing an estimated 85,000 customers. A specialist cybercrime unit led by a local prosecutor identified a 22-year-old IT technician as the service’s founder and now the general public knows him too. Local media immediately published his name while local TV channel Canal26 went on to broadcast images of the suspect to 4.5 million viewers.

digital tvIn January 2023, the Alliance Against Pay Television Piracy (Allianz) welcomed Jorge Bacaloni as the organization’s new president.

Bacaloni is also the Regional Anti-Piracy Manager of Vrio Corp, a company comprised of DirecTV Latin America and Sky Brasil, among others. In an interview following his appointment, the anti-piracy chief stressed that public/private partnerships are a necessity in the fight against piracy.

“It is necessary for the entire industry to…

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