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Disney is looking for a senior paralegal to expand its anti-piracy team in Burbank California. The ideal candidate will join the Digital Media Antipiracy Group to monitor and respond to the latest piracy threats, including websites and apps. Over in the UK, Disney also hopes to add a new analyst to its anti-piracy force.

disneyDisney is one of the best-known brands in the world and the owner of an impressive collection of movies and TV shows.

New and old releases earn the company a healthy stream of revenue, both in movie theaters and through its own movie streaming service Disney+.

While there is plenty of competition from other movie studios, Disney’s single biggest threat appears to be piracy. To tackle this issue, Disney’s in-house anti-piracy team works around the clock, with fresh blood coming in on a regular basis.

Much of the anti-piracy work falls under the “Digital Media Antipiracy Group.” This Disney department doesn’t have a dedicated…

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