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DMCA Notices Took Down 20,517 GitHub Projects Last Year * TorrentFreak

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GitHub received more than 2,000 valid DMCA takedown notices last year, which resulted in the removal of over 20,000 projects. Targeted repositories included pirate apps and games, as well as hundreds of RARBG backups. The number of takedowns has increased significantly in recent years. However, legitimate projects have grown faster and GitHub says it continues to take a developer-first approach.

github logo darkWith over 420 million code repositories, GitHub takes pride in being the largest and most advanced development platform in the world.

As with other platforms that host user-generated content, this massive code library occasionally runs into copyright infringement troubles.

Pirate Devs

In some cases, people use code without obtaining permission from the creators, while others use GitHub to store pirated books or even music. And there are also developers whose projects are seen as pirate tools or apps, which often leads to copyright holder complaints.


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