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DMCA Repo Shutdowns Up 31% in 2022 But There’s No Need to Panic * TorrentFreak

github-2GitHub’s user search page currently reports a healthy 108 million users but that still means a few billion internet users are missing out.

While notable alternatives exist, GitHub is a goldmine of information, ideas, and free education. That’s before considering the mountain of open source software available for download.

From those building promising software from scratch to those who just love to tinker, GitHub has something for everyone. But like all sites hosting user-generated content, GitHub regularly finds itself in the middle of third-party copyright disputes in need of a solution.

Software that may appear problematic at first glance cause almost no problems for Github. Powerful torrent site search tools, indexing software, and automatic content downloaders are rarely an issue. The same can’t be said for dedicated movie and TV show downloading apps advertised precisely for that purpose.

Other pieces of code exist in contested gray areas, with the 2020 takedown of…

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