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DMCA Robocops Give 20 Seconds to Comply, But Can’t Muster a Reply * TorrentFreak

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It’s not unusual for anti-piracy companies to promote their takedown prowess based on their ability to send out millions of takedown notices every week. The problem, for some, is their deployment of autonomous robocops that give recipients 20 seconds to comply but can’t handle a complaint or muster a basic reply.

robot-copFaced with millions of instances of copyright infringement every day, many rightsholders use anti-piracy companies to help stem the tide.

More often than not, that involves sending DMCA takedown notices on an industrial scale, in the hope that Google and Bing delist infringing URLs from search results before the cycle begins again.

Huge volumes of DMCA notices and similar requests are handled directly by companies including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And that’s just a part of a very large iceberg, much of it completely and permanently hidden, and almost all of it automated.

Trust the Machines

For years TorrentFreak…

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