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DNS Resolver Quad9 Wins Pirate Site Blocking Appeal Against Sony * TorrentFreak

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DNS-resolver Quad9 has won its appeal against Sony Music’s pirate site-blocking order at the Higher Regional Court in Dresden. The non-profit Quad9 Foundation no longer has to block pirate sites. The court concluded that it can’t be held liable, since DNS resolvers don’t play a central role in copyright infringing activities. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in Italy.

quad9quad9In 2021 , Sony Music obtained an injunction that ordered DNS resolver Quad9 to block a popular pirate site.

The injunction, issued by the District Court of Hamburg, required the Swiss DNS resolver to block access to a site that links to pirated music.

The name of the targeted site initially remained a mystery, but we deduced that was the target. That site was, not coincidentally, also targeted by a voluntary blocking agreement previously signed by rightsholders and ISPs.

The music groups presumably targeted the site to prevent people from circumventing the ISP…

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