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Do UK ISPs Have Permission to Monitor IPTV Pirates & Share Their Data? * TorrentFreak

spy-smallAnyone who uses the internet today should already be aware that privacy is all but non-existent.

The quid pro quo for using any major online service, social networks in particular, is the surrender of extraordinary amounts of personal data.

Even regular websites can deploy dozens of trackers and trying to surface those don’t, using a search engine perhaps, makes everything several times worse. The position today is simple: accept being tracked in some way, shape, or form, or stay off the internet.

While the privacy-invading aspects of the wider internet are broadly discussed, much less attention is given to the companies that allow us to get online in the first place. Without broadband providers the internet would die but by default, all traffic generated by subscribers goes through them. There’s a much bigger conversation to be had on the role of ISPs and their handling of subscriber data but our focus here is on a very specific niche.

When ISPs and Content Providers…

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