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DoodStream’s Traffic Takes a Battering as Hollywood Lawsuit Takes Its Toll * TorrentFreak

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When the major Hollywood studios, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple, teamed up to file a lawsuit against DoodStream in March, that unlikely took the file-hosting service by surprise. After a Court ordered the removal of hundreds of thousands of links to mainstream movies and TV shows, the collapse in visitor numbers since was probably expected as well.

doodstreamIn 2022, it was public knowledge that the MPA had its eye on video hosting and streaming service DoodStream.

When the MPA’s top lawyer called the site out a year later, DoodStream’s operators may have underestimated how significant that was. What followed was a copyright infringement lawsuit, filed at the Delhi High Court in India, DoodStream’s home turf.

DoodStream Ordered to Remove All Content Owned By The Plaintiffs

The details of an injunction obtained by the studios and the subsequent fallout are available in two in-depth articles published last month.

The bottom line is that…

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