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Dozens of VPNs & Shadowsocks Named in Leaked Russian Blocking Document * TorrentFreak

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A document originating from Russia’s Ministry of Transport shines more light on the government’s plans to crack down on encryption tools that help people to evade monitoring and censorship. The leaked document lists dozens of VPN service targets and, for the first time, open source encryption protocol Shadowsocks, best known for its ability to evade firewalls, one in China especially.

rus-vpn-srus-vpn-sAs Russia tightens its grip on encrypted communications and tools with the ability to bypass government censorship, it was recently confirmed that 167 VPN services are actively blocked after failing to comply with state requirements.

With that total expected to grow in the months ahead, a leaked document originating from Russia’s Ministry of Transport reveals details of what telecoms watchdog Roscomnadzor has planned for the near-term.

Threat to the “stability, security and integrity” of Russian Telecoms

The document, dated November 10, 2023, was sent by the…

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