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Dutch Fiscal Police Win “Anti-Piracy Award” for Shutting Down IPTV Datacenter * TorrentFreak

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The Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance has announced the winner of its annual “Anti-Piracy Award.” At this year’s Europol IP Crime conference, the honors went to the Dutch fiscal police (FIOD) for its efforts to combat IPTV piracy. FIOD took down a large-scale IPTV operation earlier this year which impacted over a million subscribers and took an entire datacenter with more than 1,200 servers offline.

fiodfiodAcross the globe, law enforcement and copyright holder groups are teaming up to tackle online piracy of all shapes and sizes.

Cooperation is seen as essential to tackling the endemic piracy problem and the key players regularly meet up to discuss progress and emerging problems.

Last week, Europol hosted its annual IP Crime Conference in Lisbon where stakeholders came together to exchange information and ideas. The Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance was also present and seized the opportunity to announce its annual Anti-Piracy Award on stage.


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