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Dutch Police Take Down Massive Pirate IPTV Operation With a Million Users * TorrentFreak

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Dutch fiscal police have carried out a large-scale raid that appears to have taken down one of Europe’s largest IPTV operations servicing more than a million users. No services or companies are being named but according to local anti-piracy outfit BREIN, the targeted organization sold access via third-party resellers. Meanwhile, Dutch data center Globe went completely dark.

In recent years, many people have canceled their expensive cable subscriptions, opting to use cheaper Internet TV instead.

Those who choose the cheapest plans often end up at pirate services. These may work flawlessly for years, until they don’t.

Fiscal Police Raid IPTV Service

Today, one of the largest pirate IPTV services was taken offline by the Dutch fiscal police (FIOD). Four people were arrested while searches were carried out at various business and residential addresses, where cars, computers, bank accounts and large sums of cash were…

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