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“€25m Profit” Pirate IPTV Group Dismantled, 10 Arrested, 12 Vehicles Seized * TorrentFreak

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Greek police say they have dismantled a criminal organization behind an illegal IPTV operation that caused broadcasters over €100m in losses. Over eight years it’s alleged the operators generated over €25 million in profits, laundered money through a network of companies, while investing in real estate and other luxuries. Ten men were arrested and a dozen cars plus €100k+ in cash was seized.

IPTVLive TV, sports, and movie fans in Greece enjoy their entertainment as much as their fellow Europeans. They also complain about similar issues, including the high cost of official subscription TV packages offered by local broadcasters.

For many consumers, the solution to these persistent problems can be found in cheap but illicit pirate IPTV subscriptions. Greece does what it can to block illegal streaming services, so that TV companies including Nova and Cosmote are able to conduct business and make a return on their investment….

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