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Egyptian Authorities Shut Down Movizland and Arrest Operator * TorrentFreak

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With help from anti-piracy coalition ACE, Egyptian law enforcement authorities have shut down Movizland, one of the larger pirate sites in the Middle East. The operation, which was purportedly operated out of Cairo, Egypt, had over 10 million monthly visits and offered access to roughly 34,000 pirated movies and series.

movizlandThe Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is the most active anti-piracy coalition, assisting enforcement efforts around the world.

The group is backed by prominent rightsholders such as Apple, BBC, beIN, Canal+, Disney, Sky, Netflix, and Warner Bros, as it systematically hunts down key piracy players.

Through new partnerships and connections, ACE expanded its work in the MENA region last year. This includes Egypt, where the coalition teamed up with local law enforcement to tackle several large streaming portals over the past months.


This week, another casualty was added to this growing…

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