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ESPN & beIN Accused of Stealing Fan’s Viral ‘Ancelotti Chewing Gum’ Video * TorrentFreak

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A new complaint, filed at the U.S. Copyright Claims Board, accuses sports network ESPN of using a viral video without permission. The clip, in which Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti shared a piece of chewing gum with a fan, should have been licensed instead. A second complaint accuses sports broadcaster beIN of the same, with both demanding a relatively modest damages amount.

rights moneyViral videos are big business. Therefore it’s no surprise that specialized companies emerged to help the lucky few to monetize their viral content.

These companies typically take care of licensing and legal issues. This is also the case with Videohat, which uses the ‘catchy’ tagline “Rights = Money”.

Unfortunately, however, getting paid isn’t always straightforward. When a video goes viral, thousands of copies are made without permission, even by mainstream news outlets, other licensing companies, and some of the world’s largest copyright businesses.

Viral Gum…

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