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Estonian Government Eyes a Pirate Site Blocking Regime * TorrentFreak

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Estonia is the latest European country to consider implementing a pirate site blocking regime. The government has asked stakeholders for input on a copyright law amendment that would empower a local consumer protection watchdog to block copyright-infringing websites. Digital rights activists fear further normalization of Internet censorship.

Page BlockedPage BlockedIn recent years, website blocking has become one of the most widely-used anti-piracy enforcement mechanisms in the world.

ISPs in more than forty countries prevent subscribers from accessing a variety of ‘pirate’ sites, in response to a court order or through a regulatory regime.

Estonia Explores Site Blocking

European countries have been particularly receptive to these measures with Estonia now considering a similar framework. The Ministry of Justice has presented an initiative that would empower Estonia’s Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority (TTJA) to order pirate…

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