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EU Mulls Expansion of Geo-Blocking ‘Bans’ to Video Streaming Platforms * TorrentFreak

old tvold tvConsumers who want to watch movies or TV-shows online are limited to the content that they are permitted to see in their home country.

This means that the Netflix or Amazon library in one country can be entirely different to those made available in a neighboring nation.

This is a direct result of the territorial licensing deals the entertainment industry is built on. However, now that people are more connected online, these restrictions are an increasing source of frustration. That frustration can, in turn, fuel piracy.

Many PlayStation users were reminded of these licensing complications a few days ago when they were informed that several purchased movie titles will disappear from their libraries. While that’s a unique situation, it’s quite common to see movie and TV show titles removed from subscription platforms.

No law can force these platforms to offer content indefinitely but according to European lawmakers, it is possible to level the playing field and remove…

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