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EU’s Piracy Watchlist Should Focus on Illegal Acts, Not Copyright Advocacy * TorrentFreak

eu flagFollowing the example set by United States, the EU started publishing its very own piracy watchlist in 2018.

The biannual ‘Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List’ is put together by the European Commission. As in the US, it is based on submissions from copyright holder groups that report on problematic sites and services.

Rightsholders are happy to contribute. In addition to pointing out sites and services that blatantly engage in copyright-infringing activities, they also use the opportunity to request broader cooperation from third-party services. In some cases, this leads to concrete suggestions that go beyond what the law requires.

Listing Anti-Piracy Demands

For example, in their latest submission, music industry group IFPI suggested that third-party services should implement robust “know your customer” policies. This also applies to the popular CDN and proxy service Cloudflare.

“CloudFlare should exercise due diligence in confirming who its customers are and…

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