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Ex-Mangamura Owner Must Pay $11m to Publishers; He Says He Won’t * TorrentFreak

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A court in Japan has ordered the former operator of pirate site Mangamura to pay 1.7 billion yen ($11m) in damages to manga publishers Shogakukan, Kadokawa, and Shueisha. In 2021, Romi Hoshino received a three-year prison sentence after a criminal prosecution but in a subsequent civil action, the publishers hoped to recoup millions in damages. Commenting outside the Tokyo District Court on Thursday, Hoshino was clear: “I have no intention of paying anything.”

mangamuraFrom a standing start in 2016, manga piracy site Mangamura (Manga Village) took just two years to become the largest site of its type and the single largest online piracy threat Japanese publishers had ever encountered.

Publishers including Shogakukan, Kadokawa, and Shueisha, and their anti-piracy partner CODA, estimated that in its relatively brief time online, Mangamura had caused a staggering $2.91 billion in losses. In April 2018, in the wake of a government announcement that…

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