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Faulty DMCA Takedown Notice Makes American TV Network Unfindable in Google * TorrentFreak

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American free-to-air TV network has had its homepage stripped from Google due to a dubious takedown request. The apparent mistake is tied to an overbroad DMCA notice sent on behalf of the European football organization UEFA. The issue has gone unnoticed for more than a year and persists today.

mega tvRegular readers will be familiar with the cloud storage platform Mega, but might not ring a bell right away. is a relatively small free-to-air TV station with headquarters in Miami and Puerto Rico. The company is owned by Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) and is available in several U.S. states. Disappeared

Trying to find information about the TV network through Google can be confusing as Mega TV shares its name with a Greek TV network. But that’s not the only problem. As it turns out, the homepage is not listed by the search engine at all.

When we search for “” on Google, a notice appears at the…

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