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File-Hosting Icon AnonFiles Throws in the Towel, Domain For Sale * TorrentFreak

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The popular file-hosting site has thrown in the towel. The site’s operators cite massive abuse by uploaders as the reason for the shutdown. AnonFiles tried to limit the problems though automated upload filters and filename restrictions but nothing helped. While the current team says its work is over, others are invited to buy the domain name and give it a shot themselves.

anonfilesFounded in 2011, became known as a popular hosting service that allowed users to share files up to 20GB without download restrictions.

As the name suggests, registering an account wasn’t required either; both up and downloading files was totally anonymous.

The same also applies to, an affiliated file-hosting service that was launched by The Pirate Bay. Both sites launched around the same time and shared a similar design and identical features.

While AnonFiles and BayFiles had their ups and downs over the years, their no-nonsense approach…

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