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The Indian media is buzzing over a ‘leak’ of the comedy movie “Fukrey 3,” which is scheduled for an official premiere later this week. While several news outlets are in on the joke, prospective pirates will be disappointed. The two-and-a-half hour release turns out to be an anti-piracy campaign, complemented with movie trailers.

fukreyA few hours ago, social media activity in India lit up when a ‘leak’ of the highly anticipated film “Fukrey 3” started to circulate.

This third installment in the “Fukrey” comedy franchise is scheduled to premiere in theaters later this week, but pirates appeared to get it early once again.

Local news media outlets were quick to jump on the topic and over the past several hours, numerous headlines eagerly informed readers that the film had leaked. According to some reports, this advance release has the potential to hurt box office revenues.

These types of clickbait headlines are a great way to grab attention and…

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