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Filmmakers Take Reddit to Court Again to Unmask ‘Piracy’ Commenters * TorrentFreak

redditUnder U.S. copyright law, Internet providers must terminate the accounts of repeat infringers “in appropriate circumstances.”

Many ISPs have been reluctant to take such drastic measures, which triggered a wave of copyright infringement lawsuits in recent years.

The driving force behind a series of these lawsuits is a group of independent film companies, including the makers of the movies The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, London Has Fallen, Rambo V, and Hellboy. Represented by attorney Kerry Culpepper they sued several Internet providers including RCN and Grande.

The movie companies claim that the providers haven’t done enough to stop subscribers from pirating on their networks. Instead of terminating the accounts of persistent pirates, the Internet providers looked away, the complaints alleged.

Reddit Users as Evidence

Earlier this year, the filmmakers turned to Reddit after they found public comments by site users that could help their case. As part of the RCN lawsuit,…

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