fireTV Jailbreak! 🌎's #1setup! loading up FireTV bully setup on the new format!

if you’re reading this, still haven’t had time to get the computer they have the link for part to pop up at the end of this video… Okay so at the bottom is the link… MAKE SURE you WATCH part 2! It’s going to be on the old format, but after this videos you should have no problem watching this video and applying it to the new format… You have the launcher now so that’s the only problem is the apps that don’t show the pictures… So just open up the laundry so you can see the pictures of all the apps… Because this part 2 video is strictly just opening up all the apps for the first time and adjusting the settings… Show me how to use the apps and making it to where you can use them with no trouble… No buffering and freezing and things like that…
part 2…


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