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Fix Copyright Law to Stop Gamblers “Beating the Bookies” * TorrentFreak

copyrightWhile there are plenty of stories of people hitting the proverbial jackpot when gambling, there are many more tales of habits becoming a problem.

As a result, bookmakers are often portrayed as preying on victims, trying every trick in the book to part people from their money. But what if there was a way to even things out a little, to “beat the bookies” as it were? As it stands, a small but significant loophole certainly exists and has done for some time.

Every Second Counts

In days gone by, when people placed a bet on a team to win, a fighter to prevail, or a horse to reach the post first, bets were placed before events started. However, modern technology now allows people to place “in play” bets, attempting to predict who will score the next goal, win the next round, or in a horse race, even throw away a big lead to come second, or worse.

While there is nothing particularly unusual here there is an open secret to consider. When people watch sporting events ‘live’…

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