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Flawless IPTV Fugitive Detained in Thailand Following UK Police Request * TorrentFreak

flawless-logo1Private criminal prosecutions are complex and expensive but can also offer some great perks; the taxpayer picking up the bill for the prosecution and then paying to keep those convicted in prison, for example.

In the case of the five men sentenced in May for running pirate IPTV service Flawless TV, it’s unlikely the Premier League will be left out of pocket. They also benefited from a free anti-piracy deterrent campaign via the media, at the expense of the five men jailed for more than 30 years.

While that was the icing on the cake, the cake was missing a cherry. Six men were due to be sentenced in May yet only five sentences were handed down.

Sixth Defendant Left UK Before Sentencing

Since the unprecedented sentences were handed down late May, TorrentFreak has been filling in the gaps on the Flawless operation, the subsequent investigation, and the roles played by some of those imprisoned.

In June our focus was on Zak Smith, a former employee at an anti-piracy company…

You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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