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Fmovies Gets Huge Visitor Boost, Users Spooked By Surge in Malware Warnings * TorrentFreak

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Fmovies is one of the most popular pirate sites on the internet yet over the last three months the site has still managed to grow at an extraordinary rate. In May, Fmovies serviced around 98 million visitors but in July, in excess of 122 million called in for the latest movies and TV shows. How many users are affected isn’t clear but over the past 48 hours a sudden flurry of malware alerts have had some site users spooked.

fmovies2023For quite some time, Fmovies has sat among a newer-breed of pirate streaming sites pulling in astonishing levels of traffic. This has attracted a lot of negative attention from major rightsholders in the movie and TV sectors.

The studios of the MPA have repeatedly taken complaints about FMovies to the U.S. government, leading to the platform making annual appearances in the USTR’s ‘notorious markets’ list. The resulting diplomatic pressure on overseas governments (in this case Vietnam) is supposed to restrict and restrain sites…

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