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Football League Scores ‘Dynamic’ Pirate Site Blocking Orders in Peru * TorrentFreak

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The Peruvian IP protection authority has issued two new injunctions, requiring ISPs to block nearly two dozen sports streaming domains. The orders come at the request of 1190 Peru, which exploits various sports leagues, including the local football league. While not all blocking requests were honored, this is the first ‘dynamic’ order, allowing the targeted domains to be updated.

liga1In dozens of countries around the world, website blocking is the preferred way for copyright holders to restrict access to pirate sites.

Originally pioneered in Europe, the enforcement tactic has since gone global, with blockades now in place from Asia to South America, with the United States queuing up too.

Peru’s Blocking Efforts

In Peru, site blocking measures have been commonplace for a few years already. In response to complaints from rightsholders, Internet providers have been ordered to block hundreds of domain names. The targets range from torrent…

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